About OMJ-Werkzeugbau

OMJ d.o.o. is a company with family tradition. It began in 1976 with Janez Jeraj opening his first tool shop called Orodjarna Janez Jeraj s.p.. Rapid technological developement, an expansion of services offered and growing demands of domestic and foreign markets have resulted in an increase in the number of employees and an extension the working premises. In 1989 the tool shop grew into a company and Orkom d.o.o. was established. After finishing his studies, Janez Jeraj’s son Miha joined him in working for the company. Miha’s vision was later the ground for founding the company OMJ d.o.o. in which he is the owner and the director.

The key objective pursued by the company is fulfiling the high demands of our customers. Therefor, we dedicate a lot of attention to precise production and quality of our products. The tool shop is regulary updated and we always strive to achieve the highest level, in line with tehnological developments. A lot of attention is also devoted to the regular and supplementary education of our employees. Our knowledge and experience are used to meet the high standars of our customers.

The company’s headquarters is in Brezje pri Dobrovi, Dobrova.

OMJ, orodjarstvo d.o.o.

Brezje pri Dobrovi 10, 1356 Dobrova

+386 31 460 558



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